Poole Hospital

Longfleet Rd, Poole, Dorset

“There’s nothing more important than health”

Chris Dear, one of our amazing London Marathon runners, has written a beautiful story as to why he is running for Poole Hospital on 3 October 2021 and we think it will resonate with a LOT of people. It is an honest and funny account of peoples everyday experiences and we think it captures what our wonderful NHS Hospitals mean to us all.

“Thanks for your support with my London Marathon JustGiving challenge!

If you simply want to donate and don’t need to read my story to be persuaded, please go ahead.

Now, if you are someone that needs some persuasion to part with their cash or simply want to read my story, here we go.

Poole Hospital means a lot to me. As I’m sure it does to you! Loved ones, family, friends – we have all benefited from the excellent services we take for granted at Poole Hospital. My love affair with Poole Hospital started when I was born there, 1990 (I swear that was just yesterday!?). I was on ITV Meridien News just a few hours later, modelling the new alarm system. I’ve got the video to prove it. My modelling career ends there, though.

Just a few years later, my mum, Julia, started a career at the hospital that has spanned 28 years to-date. Countless stories have been told over dinner of the patients saved, and, unfortunately, several lost. Loved ones, family, friends. You often forget the scale of the service, unless you need it. I was always reminded of the benefit to us all.  

1995. My next memory of Poole Hospital. 5 years old, playing football, World Cup Final (obviously), I go in for a crunching tackle with a 10 year old. 10 year old wins. Broken leg for Chris. I end up in hospital for several nights on the Children’s Ward. My mum stayed overnight with me (I was scared). Eventually, they put me in plaster and I was in a wheelchair for six weeks. VIP treatment in Reception. Happy days. Thankfully, I made a full recovery – thanks to Poole Hospital.

It’s me, again. 1998/99. 8 years old, playing football with kids 4-5 years older than me = broken arm. The doctors and nurses fixed my arm and I live to tell the tale. That said, it was touch and go at some points – my life flashed before my eyes when the doctor pulled out the cast saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style. Surely I was being filmed (is this where my modelling career takes off again?!), I thought, as I cried for what seemed like hours. I clearly hadn’t learnt my lesson from the leg!

Thankfully, my needs for the hospital end there. However, my family have all benefitted from the hospital over the years. My nan had a tracheostomy fitted that helps her breathe – this was probably 20+ years ago and she is still going strong at 91! My dad had a stroke about 18 years ago and was fortunate enough to make a pretty good recovery, undoubtedly thanks to the services of Poole Hospital. My grandads’ had similar stories. Most recently, my other nan had a stroke and spent her last days at Poole Hospital before moving upstairs.

So, you see, Poole Hospital means a lot to me, I’m sure it will continue to do so in the future. I’m sure you can say the same, right? You’ve probably got some stories too, right? Maybe not about Poole, but the brilliant NHS. So, that’s why I’m running London Marathon. For all those stories. Health is wealth.

Any and all donations to support the hospital, its staff and the needy patients will be invaluable. Plus, you get to put me through 26 miles of hell. And, please remember, when you make your donation I am asking everyone to provide a song in their message. I will add all of these songs to a playlist that I’ll listen to during the marathon. Anything you want. Something to make the run even harder, a memory we share, something that will help me along the way or anything you fancy. Thanks for your donation.

We want to thank Chris for allowing us to use his brilliant words and if you would like to make a donation click here

Thank you to Chris and to all our London Marathon Runners for taking on the challenge of a lifetime and raising money for Poole Hospital, you are all our Superheroes.

Poole Hospital