Poole Hospital

Longfleet Rd, Poole, Dorset

Upgrade to outside area for charity

with thanks to the Shane Stanley Fund

Renovation of outside space to be enjoyed even more

Upgrades to an outside area for Poole Hospital with thanks to the Shane Stanley fund.

Adam Clay, friend of the late Shane Stanley got in touch with the charity as they wanted to give something back to the hospital that would benefit the staff. Fit and healthy family man and keen footballer Shane Stanley died suddenly in January 2014 at the age of 31, friends and family came together to create the Shane Stanley fund in his memory and go on to support many local charities.

We have a beautiful outside area by Churchfield House and Cornelia House that staff are able to use during rest breaks (weather permitting)! This area would benefit from some renovations to the already existing lovely area.

Adam got to work on behalf of the Shane Stanley fund, and soon enough was overwhelmed with generous offers of paint, labourers and tools to create an upgraded space for staff to enjoy.

Works have already begun, such as a fencing surround to create some privacy for staff during their breaks, while still keeping the stunning views of the Poole Park lake which is visible from this outside area. With the idea this will provide an additional area for staff to go, extra benches have been provided to create more space to rest, amongst other exciting and thoughtful renovations.

The team also got together to provide a splash of new colour along with some seasonal beautiful plants to our SPRING garden area near the bereavement suite outside of maternity.

On behalf of the charity we are so thankful and really pleased with this generous donation of equipment, products and labourers who attended in their own time. This will enable our staff to take some time out and enjoy the fresh air in a serene and private setting. We look forward to seeing how the other renovations look, once again thank you to all that have donated to this project.

To get in touch with Poole Hospital Charity please contact us either by email or telephone 0300 019 8449. Thank you.

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