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Local farmer opens fields for heartfelt fundraising events

Philip Trim, owner of Philip Trim contractors opened up Throop Hollow Farm into a pop-up campsite over the summer to raise funds in memory of his wife Jane who was cared for with lung cancer and passed away in the hospital two years ago.

Donations came from hosting a range of fundraising events across the summer including tractor and trailer rides around the farm, a private event for a local metal detecting club, live music, charity breakfasts and a raffle.

“We had planned to hold the Purbeck Coast Tractor Run which we did last year, however Covid-19 prevented this. We have two enormous fields that had been cut for hay so we thought setting up the campsite would give campers the chance to get away from the pandemic and have a break in our beautiful rural countryside.”

Julie Foote, Philip Trim Contractors

Cleaners were on site to ensure the facilities were kept clean and sanitised, they installed hand sanitiser stations and displayed awareness posters and signage to encourage people to follow the Government guidelines to minimise the risk.

“Guests were extremely generous. When we didn’t have change to give them for their purchases, they would tell us to keep the change as they knew the money was going to something close to my heart.”

Philip Trim

The money has been raised for the Dorset Cancer Centre and The Lung Club, and will be used towards the purchase of radiotherapy EagleBoards following recent government commissioning for the hospital to deliver stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy treatment (SABR) to help treat lung cancer.

EagleBoards support patients to stay in one position. They increase comfort and significantly improve the way staff can position patients during treatment. It also improves the accuracy of treatment delivery.

“We are extremely grateful for the effort Philip has put in to raise this money in memory of his wife who was a very dear patient of ours. The money will go towards specialist equipment for SABR. Currently patients have to travel to Southampton, so by having the equipment in Poole it will save them vital time.”

Dr Michael Bayne, consultant in oncology

Philip Trim along with his son Ben attended Poole Hospital to deliver the £11,000 cheque

Caption L-R: David Frost, head of therapy radiography; Dr Michael Bayne, consultant in oncology; Ben Trim, Philip’s son; Philip Trim; Ally Brooks, clinical nurse specialist; Hayley Harris, community fundraiser for Poole Hospital Charity

“The charity and the hospital are extremely thankful for the amount raised for our Dorset Cancer Centre in memory of Jane. It was an absolute pleasure to meet with Phil and son Ben and we look forward to supporting them again with their future fundraising.”

Hayley Harris, community fundraiser for Poole Hospital Charity

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