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Longfleet Rd, Poole, Dorset

Energy Pod for hospital anaesthetic department

Poole Hospital’s anaesthetic department has received an EnergyPod for staff to take much needed breaks between working long on-calls and night shifts.

EnergyPods have been developed around the simple principle that a 20 minute nap is beneficial for well-being and productivity. The zero gravity position, specially composed sleep music, gentle wake sequence of programmed lights and vibrations are all features which allow staff to take a relaxing comfort break.

Funding for the EnergyPod was secured by LV (Liverpool Victoria) along with community support for University Hospitals Dorset (UHD) NHS Charity’s, Heroes Fund.

Rachel Haden, consultant anaesthetist, identified the need for the EnergyPod within the anaesthetics department following the Royal College of Anaesthetists’ Fight Fatigue campaign, which raises awareness and promotes the benefits of staff being able to take a nap break during long shifts while on call.

“During a stressful and challenging year, well-being of NHS staff has been vitally important. This generous donation has enabled the anaesthetic department to purchase an EnergyPod, giving us a much-needed quiet space to de-stress and rest after long shifts or if feeling overwhelmed and exhausted,” said Rachel.

“It will be an amazing resource for years to come.”

Rachel Haden, consultant anaesthetist

The EnergyPod will be beneficial for staff who have to travel a distance after finishing their shift in the department or need a short retreat in between shifts. It allows them to get a much-needed rest after a long shift so they are able to drive home safely after resting.

Samantha Lowman, senior brand executive at LV life and pensions, added: “We’re proud to have made the donation for the EnergyPod at Poole Hospital. We understand the invaluable difference this will make in allowing the anaesthetic team to take comfortable breaks when working long night shifts.”

The EnergyPod will be in the anaesthetic department’s staff wellbeing space.

Sara Fripp, UHD Charity fundraising manager, said: “We are grateful for the funding received from LV. As a trust we know the importance of staff wellbeing especially in these challenging times. The EnergyPod will greatly support anaesthetic staff with their health and wellbeing.”

Photo: Andrew Ward, general manager surgical care group; Rachel Haden, consultant anaesthetist; Hayley Harris, fundraiser UHD Charity
Poole Hospital