Poole Hospital

Longfleet Rd, Poole, Dorset

With over 13,000 people living with dementia in Dorset, it is imperative that we focus on how to help our hospital become more Dementia-Friendly.


We are fundraising to start making changes to create a less disorientating space, improve people’s understanding of dementia and purchasing more therapies for our patients. 

Poole Hospital Charity has launched the Consider Dementia appeal to ask our community to help us become a more Dementia-Friendly Hospital.

We need to raise £150,000, it’s a large challenge but we understand that a hospital can be an intimidating environment for those with dementia and their carers, so its a challenge we are prepared to rise to.


Poole Hospital Charity has worked closely with the hospital’s Dementia Specialist team and they have formed a wish list of items we can help fund. Many of the items/projects are environmental changes where the use of colour contrasts and better signage can make a real difference.We also need to concentrate on the therapies we use with patients so we can help to reduce agitation and help improve patient’s ability to cope with their stay in hospital. 

We are asking everyone to play their part and start making real changes for the growing dementia community.



We have 3 key areas for the Consider Dementia campaign to improve:

  • Environmental – Dementia- Friendly hospitals need to consider their environment, their use of colour contrasts, signage and facilities. We will be using Dementia Action Alliance & Kings Fund principles to look at funding improvements to the make-up and appearance of the hospital and even plates! 
  • Therapeutic – There has been a lot of research in how our nursing teams can improve communication, stress-levels and reminiscence through certain therapies or items. Poole Hospital Charity will be looking to fund items that could help e.g  digital units to aid memory, colouring books, MP3 Players. The Consider Dementia appeal will also be working on a project to provide a Dementia Therapist to solely concentrate the therapeutic needs of our patients.
  • Educational – Whilst the awareness of Dementia has improved in recent years, many people still don’t realise how the illness can affect a person and in turn how their own actions can trigger a more positive response. Whether it be a person living with Dementia or their carer at Poole Hospital, we pledge to be considerate of peoples needs. Donations to our appeals will also help us fund a number of educational programmes designed to raise awareness and improve care. If we have the funds for training, talks, support groups and educational literature we can support our staff, volunteers, carers and visitors in the hope they all start to Consider Dementia.To find out more about the campaign please contact the fundraising team. If you wish to donate online visit our Just Giving page.