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Energy Pod for hospital anaesthetic department

Poole Hospital’s anaesthetic department has received an EnergyPod for staff to take much needed breaks between working long on-calls and night shifts.

EnergyPods have been developed around the simple principle that a 20 minute nap is beneficial for well-being and productivity. The zero gravity position, specially composed sleep music, gentle wake sequence of programmed lights and vibrations are all features which allow staff to take a relaxing comfort break.

Funding for the EnergyPod was secured by LV (Liverpool Victoria) along with community support for University Hospitals Dorset (UHD) NHS Charity’s, Heroes Fund.

Rachel Haden, consultant anaesthetist, identified the need for the EnergyPod within the anaesthetics department following the Royal College of Anaesthetists’ Fight Fatigue campaign, which raises awareness and promotes the benefits of staff being able to take a nap break during long shifts while on call.

“During a stressful and challenging year, well-being of NHS staff has been vitally important. This generous donation has enabled the anaesthetic department to purchase an EnergyPod, giving us a much-needed quiet space to de-stress and rest after long shifts or if feeling overwhelmed and exhausted,” said Rachel.

“It will be an amazing resource for years to come.”

Rachel Haden, consultant anaesthetist

The EnergyPod will be beneficial for staff who have to travel a distance after finishing their shift in the department or need a short retreat in between shifts. It allows them to get a much-needed rest after a long shift so they are able to drive home safely after resting.

Samantha Lowman, senior brand executive at LV life and pensions, added: “We’re proud to have made the donation for the EnergyPod at Poole Hospital. We understand the invaluable difference this will make in allowing the anaesthetic team to take comfortable breaks when working long night shifts.”

The EnergyPod will be in the anaesthetic department’s staff wellbeing space.

Sara Fripp, UHD Charity fundraising manager, said: “We are grateful for the funding received from LV. As a trust we know the importance of staff wellbeing especially in these challenging times. The EnergyPod will greatly support anaesthetic staff with their health and wellbeing.”

Photo: Andrew Ward, general manager surgical care group; Rachel Haden, consultant anaesthetist; Hayley Harris, fundraiser UHD Charity

“There’s nothing more important than health”

Chris Dear, one of our amazing London Marathon runners, has written a beautiful story as to why he is running for Poole Hospital on 3 October 2021 and we think it will resonate with a LOT of people. It is an honest and funny account of peoples everyday experiences and we think it captures what our wonderful NHS Hospitals mean to us all.

“Thanks for your support with my London Marathon JustGiving challenge!

If you simply want to donate and don’t need to read my story to be persuaded, please go ahead.

Now, if you are someone that needs some persuasion to part with their cash or simply want to read my story, here we go.

Poole Hospital means a lot to me. As I’m sure it does to you! Loved ones, family, friends – we have all benefited from the excellent services we take for granted at Poole Hospital. My love affair with Poole Hospital started when I was born there, 1990 (I swear that was just yesterday!?). I was on ITV Meridien News just a few hours later, modelling the new alarm system. I’ve got the video to prove it. My modelling career ends there, though.

Just a few years later, my mum, Julia, started a career at the hospital that has spanned 28 years to-date. Countless stories have been told over dinner of the patients saved, and, unfortunately, several lost. Loved ones, family, friends. You often forget the scale of the service, unless you need it. I was always reminded of the benefit to us all.  

1995. My next memory of Poole Hospital. 5 years old, playing football, World Cup Final (obviously), I go in for a crunching tackle with a 10 year old. 10 year old wins. Broken leg for Chris. I end up in hospital for several nights on the Children’s Ward. My mum stayed overnight with me (I was scared). Eventually, they put me in plaster and I was in a wheelchair for six weeks. VIP treatment in Reception. Happy days. Thankfully, I made a full recovery – thanks to Poole Hospital.

It’s me, again. 1998/99. 8 years old, playing football with kids 4-5 years older than me = broken arm. The doctors and nurses fixed my arm and I live to tell the tale. That said, it was touch and go at some points – my life flashed before my eyes when the doctor pulled out the cast saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre-style. Surely I was being filmed (is this where my modelling career takes off again?!), I thought, as I cried for what seemed like hours. I clearly hadn’t learnt my lesson from the leg!

Thankfully, my needs for the hospital end there. However, my family have all benefitted from the hospital over the years. My nan had a tracheostomy fitted that helps her breathe – this was probably 20+ years ago and she is still going strong at 91! My dad had a stroke about 18 years ago and was fortunate enough to make a pretty good recovery, undoubtedly thanks to the services of Poole Hospital. My grandads’ had similar stories. Most recently, my other nan had a stroke and spent her last days at Poole Hospital before moving upstairs.

So, you see, Poole Hospital means a lot to me, I’m sure it will continue to do so in the future. I’m sure you can say the same, right? You’ve probably got some stories too, right? Maybe not about Poole, but the brilliant NHS. So, that’s why I’m running London Marathon. For all those stories. Health is wealth.

Any and all donations to support the hospital, its staff and the needy patients will be invaluable. Plus, you get to put me through 26 miles of hell. And, please remember, when you make your donation I am asking everyone to provide a song in their message. I will add all of these songs to a playlist that I’ll listen to during the marathon. Anything you want. Something to make the run even harder, a memory we share, something that will help me along the way or anything you fancy. Thanks for your donation.

We want to thank Chris for allowing us to use his brilliant words and if you would like to make a donation click here

Thank you to Chris and to all our London Marathon Runners for taking on the challenge of a lifetime and raising money for Poole Hospital, you are all our Superheroes.

Festive fun-runs raise almost £10,000 for hospitals!

Thank you to everyone who took part in a festive fun-run to fundraise for our hospitals!

Many people took to the streets, parks, coastal beauty points and beach promenades during December to take part in Poole Hospital’s YOUR Virtual Elf Dash 2020! Our annual Elf Dash tradition, in its 5th year, saw an array of supporters all dressed in their festive finery, signing up and enjoying the virtual event.

In addition to the many elves that dashed around the local area, we had a family who chose to complete their dash in the dark, possibly our youngest elf of just 8 months old took his parents out for a ‘dash’, and to make it even more special we had a couple who took part in a 5k dash on Christmas day!

Poole Hospital staff and their families also got involved including our Clinical Management Team who together covered an average of over 300 miles in 12 hours!

The Elf Dash alone has raised over £4,250 towards our target of £25,000 for Poole Hospital Elf Service 2020. Thanks to the success of the virtual event and the amazing support of our local community and businesses, we are now able to purchase the special items on our Christmas wish list.

Thank you to everyone who’s taken part and helped keep the festive spirit alive!

Bournemouth Hospital Charity’s Reindeer Run returned in December with a virtual twist to help raise money for our incredible NHS Heroes.

Runners from all over Dorset donned their festive gear and reindeer antlers to complete a 5km walk, jog or run at a location of their choice. For extra motivation, runners were also able to follow a signed route at Avon Heath Country Park using special signage or the Strava running app.

You have been going above and beyond throughout this pandemic to care for everyone’s loved ones and we cannot thank you enough. The Reindeer Run was just one of the ways for us to give back and show our support.

So far £5,053 has been raised by our 130 amazing reindeer runners to support the staff health and wellbeing fund. This vital funding is helping to provide additional services and items such as ongoing access to psychological support, wellbeing books in areas for positive mental health and non-perishable snacks during shifts.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication throughout this pandemic and into the New Year.

To get in touch with Poole Hospital Charity please contact us either by email or telephone 0300 019 8449. Thank you.

Your Virtual Elf Dash 2020 – what a fan-DASH-tic success so far!

An insight into some of our dashing elves supporting our Poole Hospital Elf Service 2020 and helping us reach our £25,000 target this Christmas

Sunday 6th December, many people took to the streets, parks, costal beauty points and beach proms to take part in YOUR Virtual Elf Dash 2020! This year we wanted to continue our Elf Dash tradition commemorating it’s 5th year, we have been blown away by our array of many supporters who all dressed in their elf finery, signed up and enjoyed this event.

You can still get involved – extended throughout December

Click here for more details!

We’ve seen photos of elves dashing around the local area, such as Poole Park and over the Purbecks. We had a family who chose to complete their dash in the dark, whilst enjoying the twinkling views of the neighbouring festive lights.

Poole Hospital staff and their families got involved including our Clinical Management Team who together combined coverage of over 300 miles in 12 hours!

Each counting steps and encouraging one another while keeping a running total of distance. Raising an overwhelming amount towards our Christmas wish list.

Possibly our youngest dasher of just 8 months old took his parents out for a ‘dash’ on Sunday.

Warning: cuteness overload!

We’ve seen a combination of incredible Elves enjoying this virtual event so far, we are so proud of everyone who has already taken part and we would like to thank you ALL for registering, getting sponsored and keeping up the Christmas spirit! Lets keep this going!

If you haven’t done a dash dressed as an elf – it’s not too late!

Join in this festive fun here! Your Virtual Elf Dash carries on throughout December!

Crackers the elf managed a 2k ‘jiggle’! Here he is relaxing after his efforts

Remember it’s not over yet – We have extended the Your Virtual Elf Dash throughout December as it has proven to be so popular and well loved!

You can register online it costs just £5! Get sponsored by your loved ones and be the craziest elf we’ve ever seen! Show the locals your festive joy and although Christmas does seem different this year, lets keep the spirit alive! Read more here.

Click here to get involved and be sure to tag us in your photos!

Please remember to check the most up to date government guidance on the current situation with COVID-19 regarding staying safe

Check below to see our dashers enjoying their festive fun! More images to follow so watch this space.

To get in touch with Poole Hospital Charity please contact us either by email or telephone 0300 019 8449. Thank you.

Renovation of outside space to be enjoyed even more

Upgrades to an outside area for Poole Hospital with thanks to the Shane Stanley fund.

Adam Clay, friend of the late Shane Stanley got in touch with the charity as they wanted to give something back to the hospital that would benefit the staff. Fit and healthy family man and keen footballer Shane Stanley died suddenly in January 2014 at the age of 31, friends and family came together to create the Shane Stanley fund in his memory and go on to support many local charities.

We have a beautiful outside area by Churchfield House and Cornelia House that staff are able to use during rest breaks (weather permitting)! This area would benefit from some renovations to the already existing lovely area.

Adam got to work on behalf of the Shane Stanley fund, and soon enough was overwhelmed with generous offers of paint, labourers and tools to create an upgraded space for staff to enjoy.

Works have already begun, such as a fencing surround to create some privacy for staff during their breaks, while still keeping the stunning views of the Poole Park lake which is visible from this outside area. With the idea this will provide an additional area for staff to go, extra benches have been provided to create more space to rest, amongst other exciting and thoughtful renovations.

The team also got together to provide a splash of new colour along with some seasonal beautiful plants to our SPRING garden area near the bereavement suite outside of maternity.

On behalf of the charity we are so thankful and really pleased with this generous donation of equipment, products and labourers who attended in their own time. This will enable our staff to take some time out and enjoy the fresh air in a serene and private setting. We look forward to seeing how the other renovations look, once again thank you to all that have donated to this project.

To get in touch with Poole Hospital Charity please contact us either by email or telephone 0300 019 8449. Thank you.

Virtual Christmas Card for Poole Hospital

This year for the very first time, you can wish your family, friends & colleagues a Merry Christmas, using our virtual Christmas card!

Simply click on the Donate button and select your amount, you can write that all important message. This can also be shared on your own social media for your loved ones to see.

*Click here to send your Christmas wish*

Sending a virtual Christmas message and donating towards our Poole Hospital Elf Service will show your support for this years Christmas wish list in helping us raise £25,000 for 6 very important items, it will also contribute towards us providing Christmas presents on the wards, for all those with us on Christmas Day.

This year has been incredibly difficult for all however we thought we would still try to spread some Christmas joy and provide a way to keep the Christmas spirt alive for all to see!

Get involved, spread the Christmas love and make a real difference to Poole Hospital this year.

Thank you

To get in touch with Poole Hospital Charity please contact us either by email or telephone 0300 019 8449.

Local farmer opens fields for heartfelt fundraising events

Philip Trim, owner of Philip Trim contractors opened up Throop Hollow Farm into a pop-up campsite over the summer to raise funds in memory of his wife Jane who was cared for with lung cancer and passed away in the hospital two years ago.

Donations came from hosting a range of fundraising events across the summer including tractor and trailer rides around the farm, a private event for a local metal detecting club, live music, charity breakfasts and a raffle.

“We had planned to hold the Purbeck Coast Tractor Run which we did last year, however Covid-19 prevented this. We have two enormous fields that had been cut for hay so we thought setting up the campsite would give campers the chance to get away from the pandemic and have a break in our beautiful rural countryside.”

Julie Foote, Philip Trim Contractors

Cleaners were on site to ensure the facilities were kept clean and sanitised, they installed hand sanitiser stations and displayed awareness posters and signage to encourage people to follow the Government guidelines to minimise the risk.

“Guests were extremely generous. When we didn’t have change to give them for their purchases, they would tell us to keep the change as they knew the money was going to something close to my heart.”

Philip Trim

The money has been raised for the Dorset Cancer Centre and The Lung Club, and will be used towards the purchase of radiotherapy EagleBoards following recent government commissioning for the hospital to deliver stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy treatment (SABR) to help treat lung cancer.

EagleBoards support patients to stay in one position. They increase comfort and significantly improve the way staff can position patients during treatment. It also improves the accuracy of treatment delivery.

“We are extremely grateful for the effort Philip has put in to raise this money in memory of his wife who was a very dear patient of ours. The money will go towards specialist equipment for SABR. Currently patients have to travel to Southampton, so by having the equipment in Poole it will save them vital time.”

Dr Michael Bayne, consultant in oncology

Philip Trim along with his son Ben attended Poole Hospital to deliver the £11,000 cheque

Caption L-R: David Frost, head of therapy radiography; Dr Michael Bayne, consultant in oncology; Ben Trim, Philip’s son; Philip Trim; Ally Brooks, clinical nurse specialist; Hayley Harris, community fundraiser for Poole Hospital Charity

“The charity and the hospital are extremely thankful for the amount raised for our Dorset Cancer Centre in memory of Jane. It was an absolute pleasure to meet with Phil and son Ben and we look forward to supporting them again with their future fundraising.”

Hayley Harris, community fundraiser for Poole Hospital Charity

You can read this story in the Daily Echo here

To get in touch with Poole Hospital Charity please contact us either by email or telephone 0300 019 8449. Thank you.

Tennis club holds tournaments for charity

Shane Deacon, from The West Hants Club, organised a day of four tennis tournaments in September for Dorset county players, the popular event attracted over 80 players throughout the tournament. Shane advertised the tournaments as “Help Me Do My Bit” to give thanks to the intensive care units across the county.

“We are very grateful for all the efforts of those involved in raising this money for Critical Care. It is great that our efforts are recognised in this way and demonstrates to the whole team how valued they are. Our sincere thanks go out to Shane, the team at the West Hants club and all those who participated.”

David Gooby, Charge Nurse, Critical Care Poole Hospital

Along with raffle prize donors, the West Hants Club, the Dorset LTA County Association and the players with supporters collectively helped Shane raise £2,700 for Poole Hospital, Bournemouth Hospital and Dorchester Hospital Charities. With each charity receiving a donation of £900 for their intensive care unit.

We were so excited when Shane got in touch to notify us and explain everything about his event and we were able to meet him in person to express our thanks.

“Today I attended Poole hospital for my final cheque presentation. I got to meet Ward Manager Dave Gooby who is an absolute hero. Listening to all involved with the three hospitals has been very humbling and helped me realise that through one days effort, I’ve made a small difference to the ICU teams. I urge everyone who can, to do their bit to raise money for our/your hospitals. Take one day out of your year to give back, make a difference and help others. Pay it forward”

Shane Deacon

The support given by Shane and everyone involved is incredible and we are forever grateful for their thought, kindness and generosity. If you are inspired by this story and would like to raise funds for a ward or department in Poole Hospital close to your heart then we would love to hear from you.

To get in touch with Poole Hospital Charity please contact us either by email or telephone 0300 019 8449. Thank you.

Local business donates awards as recognition for critical care staff

Poole Hospital’s critical care unit have received custom made awards from local business Laser Crystal to recognise and celebrate the array of staff who supported critical care during the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, with each award being engraved with the recipients name.

The stunning engraved crystal award reads “Thank you for your hard work, outstanding courage and smiles throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020”

Laser Crystal who are based in Poole, designed and kindly donated the awards for each member of staff to recognise their hard work and loyalty and the staff have been extremely touched by this generosity.

As part of Poole Hospital’s response to the initial wave of the COVID-19 pandemic many staff from around the Trust were redeployed to work alongside us in Critical Care. Everyone pulled together, from our wonderful cleaners, nurses, therapists, pharmacy and medical staff, with a remarkable level of courage, professionalism and dedication whilst showing great compassion for our patients and each other. As a senior team we are incredibly proud and grateful for everyone’s contribution and following a kind donation from Laser Crystal we have been able to present many of those staff with an award to say thank you

Suzanne Charles, Sister, Critical Care

“It’s been our pleasure to create these fabulous Rainbow Awards to celebrate the dedication and courage of the amazing ICU team at Poole Hospital. Over 250 awards have been presented to the ICU team recognising our COVID heroes from nurses, doctors to cleaners we owe them a huge debt of gratitude. Here at Laser Crystal we wanted to show our appreciation and donating some crystal awards featuring individual’s names was our way of saying thank you”

Andrea Hatcher, Laser Crystal

Andrea Hatcher attended Poole Hospital and was presented with a beautiful bunch of flowers from critical care to show their gratitude for such an incredibly kind donation.

Read more about the story behind Laser Crystal creating and donating these beautiful awards here

Laser Crystal remain to be enthusiastic and dedicated supporters of the hospital, they also donate our beautiful teddy bear crystal gifts for our very special critical care memory boxes, to support children bereaved of a parent. Thank you once again to Laser Crystal.

If you would like to take a look at more of the incredible items Laser Crystal produce click here to view their website.

To get in touch with Poole Hospital Charity please contact us either by email or telephone 0300 019 8449. Thank you.

‘State-of-the-art’ chest compression equipment for emergency department

Patients in cardiac arrest are set to benefit from brand new technology at Poole Hospital thanks to a local charity.

Janine Golding, community fundraiser for Poole Hospital Charity; Bruce Hopkins, matron, emergency and urgent care; Sir Christopher Lees, Talbot Village Trust; Dr Gary Cumberbatch, clinical director, emergency and urgent care; Mark Mould, chief operating officer

The hospital’s emergency department (ED) has received a LUCAS machine from a £6,000 grant from the Talbot Village Trust. The team made the application with the support of the hospital’s charity.

The LUCAS machine provides patients who are in cardiac arrest with consistent and high-quality chest compressions for extended periods of time. The machines improve CPR quality and increase chest compression fraction time both in the hospitals and during transport throughout the entire resuscitation.

Currently, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is delivered manually for a maximum of two minutes requiring a high amount of physical effort to sustain continuous, effective CPR during a prolonged cardiac arrest. After two minutes, a change of staff is required which leads to an interruption in CPR.

“Thank you so much to Talbot Village Trust for this state-of-the-art device, it really is going to make such a difference to our patients. It will also take some of that physical pressure off staff meaning that we can provide even better care to the patient who is receiving the treatment”

Dr Gary Cumberbatch, clinical director, emergency and urgent care

Prolonged CPR is often required as a result of drowning, for hypothermic patients in cardiac arrest and when thrombolysis has been given to a pulmonary embolism, all of which can require up to 90 minutes of CPR.

Last year there were 90 cardiac arrests in the hospital.

“This machine is a great addition to the amazing resuscitation team we already have here at the hospital – it’s a fantastic piece of equipment and will help so many local people.”

Bruce Hopkins, matron, emergency and urgent care

Sir Christopher Lees, chairman of Talbot Village Trust, attended the emergency department to observe the training of staff on the LUCAS machine.

“There was an immediate need for Poole Hospital to own this specialist equipment, to continue delivering the exceptional level of care that patients receive at the hospital. We are pleased to have provided this grant and ensure the long-term care of our communities.”

Sir Christopher Lees, chairman of Talbot Village Trust

This life saving, innovative equipment is above and beyond what the NHS can provide. Poole Hospital Charity exists to complement and enhance the high level of care already available in the hospital.

“The charity is extremely grateful to the Talbot Village Trust and looks forward to a continued partnership with them.”

Janine Golding, community fundraiser for Poole Hospital Charity

About Talbot Village Trust:

Talbot Village Trust is a registered charity which supports causes in Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, East Dorset and Purbeck.

The Trust awards grants twice a year.  No scheme is too big or too small – as long as it is a capital project promoted by a charity, church, school, college or university.

It is one of the area’s leading benefactors and, over the past couple of years, has donated nearly £2 million to charitable causes and local community projects.

This is in addition to its £1million COVID-19 Support Fund, that was launched during the government-enforced lockdown to provide immediate funding to charities that were adversely affected by the pandemic.