Poole Hospital

Longfleet Rd, Poole, Dorset

Artistic addition to thank hospital staff

Karina Wilgeroth, a Warblington based artist, has donated one of her paintings to Poole Hospital.

Her donation, titled ‘In bloom’, will be entered into a hospital-wide raffle with all departments having the chance to submit their entry. The winner will be selected at random with the beautiful painting being displayed in their staff-facing area.

Karina, who suffers from Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT), a condition which damages the peripheral nerves, has been painting since she was a child.

Inspiration for her paintings is taken from natural life, feelings of pain and happiness or ideas that pop into her head. Her pieces are on show at other hospitals and have also sold internationally.

Due to Karina’s condition, she has been in and out of hospital all her life and often donates to hospitals as a way of giving something back to staff who give their all to help others.

“I like donating to busy hospitals that specialise in certain treatments,” said Karina.

“Hospitals and dedicated NHS staff have helped me on more than a few occasions and I love to think of my work being enjoyed by as many people as possible.”

Karina varies the way she paints between hand painting and using her mouth, with her donation to the hospital taking one week to complete, painting three hours a day.

“It’s not every day I use my mouth but still often enough. I take things day by day and when I’m in pain painting gives me focus and keeps me sane,” added Karina.

Karina uses her art to help raise awareness of CMT, and would like to thank CMT UK and the CMT Research Foundation for their support, help and advice in living with the disease.

Sara Fripp, fundraising manager for Poole Hospital Charity, said: “We are extremely grateful for Karina’s artwork. The talent she has used to create such a beautiful painting will be sure to bring a burst of colour and happiness to its final home.”

Over the next few weeks the Poole Hospital Charity will be raffling off various donated art work to help brighten up staff rest spaces.

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