Poole Hospital

Longfleet Rd, Poole, Dorset

Areas we support

Poole Hospital Charity supports all wards, departments and services across Poole Hospital. This includes:

Children’s services

Our children’s unit provides expert treatment, assessment and care for children from the across the whole of East Dorset.

We provide assessment and treatment for children with neuro-developmental problems in our Child Development Centre which also provide specialist therapies for children with complex needs.

Our Children’s Service also includes Gully’s Place on the children’s ward. A suite of rooms providing families with a private place with reassurance and expert care at hand. Developed for children with complex needs, life liming illness, life threatening illness or palliative care needs so that families can be together.

Coronary Care Unit

The coronary care unit specialises in patients with acute cardiac problems, or patients with medical problems requiring high intervention. 

The unit offers inpatient beds, along with two procedure areas and a pacing theatre. Patients have individual access to Patientline television and telephone devices.

Intensive Therapy Unit (Critical Care Unit)

There are many reasons why a patient may need to be admitted to ITU such as major trauma, illness or following complex surgery.

The Critical Care team are specialists at ensuring the most complex needs are met. They also support families facing the bereavement of a loved one, through the Memory Box Project.

Emergency Department

The emergency department offers a 24-hour service catering for all medical, surgical, paediatric and trauma emergencies. Poole Hospital is also designated as the major incident centre for East Dorset.

St Mary’s Maternity and Neonatal Unit

Poole Maternity Unit provides award winning services to ensure the best possible care for women and their babies. We provide community midwifery services, antenatal, postnatal and care for women during labour and birth at home or in hospital.

The Neonatal Unit cares for babies requiring special care. We care for babies with intensive care needs and high dependency and provide care and support for the whole family.

SPRING – Supporting Parents and Relatives Through Baby Loss

The aim of SPRING is to support through grief at the point of loss, delivery and beyond. SPRING works closely with medical professionals to help provide a high level of care to bereaved families, alongside regular NHS services. The Bereavement Suites at St. Mary’s Maternity Unit are partly funded by SPRING and provide space for parents and families to spend precious time with their baby before saying goodbye.

Our professional specialist counselling service provides confidential individual counselling and trained facilitators provide monthly open support meetings.

For more details visit our website www.springsupport.org.uk

Dorset Cancer Centre

The Dorset Cancer Centre is based at Poole Hospital and is the major specialist cancer treatment centre for adults in the county. The centre provides a wide range of treatments including radiotherapy and chemotherapy for both common and rare cancers.

Dorset Breast Screening Unit & Ladybird Unit

The Dorset Breast Screening Unit (DBSU) provides the community with a specialist breast screening service. The service is delivered at Poole Hospital and from mobile screening units ensuring the service is accessible as possible. The screening programme enables early detection and referral to our Ladybird Unit where care and treatment is provided for women breast cancer.

Elderly Care

Older people’s services at Poole Hospital provide care to acutely ill patients who are generally over the age of 75. We provide specialist services for patients who have had a stroke, have Parkinson’s Disease or need special investigations as well as care for a broad range of other medical conditions.

RACE (Rapid Access Consultation & Evaluation) Unit

This award winning elderly medical assessment unit, is for patients predominantly 80 years and over. The unit is open 7 days a week which aims for a short patient stay of 24-48 hours.

Consider Dementia

Our Consider Dementia campaign aims to raise money and awareness in order to make a positive change to our patients living with dementia.

Please see our Consider Dementia page for more details.

Poole Hospital Heroes

During the Covid-19 pandemic, our community has come together to support the health and well-being of our Poole Hospital Heroes. Click here to read about how your donations have made a huge difference.