There is a long tradition of charitable support for UK’s hospitals. Whilst the NHS receives significant public resources, there is always more we can do to support our patients and their families.

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Poole Hospital Charity, with your help, aims to support the hospital to ensure our patients get treated more quickly and comfortably. Donations are used to purchase innovative equipment, improve facilities and provide finishing touches which complement the existing high quality care, yet are above what the NHS will pay for.

The charity  launched in 2004 and makes a huge difference to the experience of thousands of patients, from funding tiny cots to major refurbishment. All made possible thanks to the generosity and support of the local community. Donations, whatever their size, help us enhance patient care.


Examples of purchased equipment


Tecotherm Neo

This is a cooling machine. If the baby has required prolonged re-suscitation at birth there is a risk of significant brain dam

age. Research has shown that by cooling the body the brains metabolic needs are reduced and the outcome for the baby can be improved.



Drager Babylog Ventilator

This breathes for the baby when they are too poorly or premature to breath for themselves. This is done via a tube that is inserted via the mouth into the lungs and connected to the