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Christmas List

Poole Hospital is on the nice list this year

We have asked our wards and departments what they need in order to improve patient care. We have prioritised 5 projects that will allow our teams to make a genuine difference to thousands of families we care for:

Dementia Music Therapy Project

Music offers a host of benefits for dementia patients in Poole Hospital. Our nurses tell us music therapy improves patient’s focus, can reduce agitation and improve their ability to communicate with those close to them. Studies have shown it may even lower the dependence on psychiatric drugs. The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra have been visiting wards, working with patients regularly and also hosting events. We would like to fund the BSO for 2018 alongside purchasing therapy instruments for the team to use with patients.

Baby transportation pod 

The Children’s Unit would like to replace their broken Babypod. The transportation unit is used to move infants in an environment that will keep them safe and warm. The team can find themselves having to move babies to theatres or across sites. The Babypod will ensure they can provide the best care to our youngest patients.

10 patient reclining chairs 

Lulworth and Lytchett wards have recently trialled reclining chairs and found them making a huge improvement to a patient’s well-being. We would like to provide each bay with a chair giving patients an opportunity to get of their beds and interact. The chairs will allow individuals to be positioned in a variety of postures for comfort. We’re sure that anyone who has visited a loved one in hospital will also know the benefit of a comfy chair!

 Bereavement Support Project

Losing someone we love is something we are all likely to experience at some point in our lives. For some of us, this will be the most distressing experience we will ever face.
In some circumstances the impact of bereavement can lead to depression, alcohol or drug abuse, dependency on antidepressants or social unrest. The hospital recognises there is more to do to support many families by extending current support offered in difficult times.
The charity has funded bereavement projects in Maternity, Gully’s, Dorset Cancer Centre and Intensive Care. We now want to develop this by funding a regular bereavement support group facilitated by trained counsellors. Reported positive outcomes from similar projects have been that people have a safe environment to meet with peers, share thoughts and feelings, experience normalisation, exchange advice and information, and share hope for the future.
Getting support at the right time is critical for some people and we hope this 2 year project will demonstrate a positive impact for many people, their families, friends and communities.

Patient and visitor room renovations  

We have identified rooms in the Children’s unit, A5, B4/B3 and Lytchett that need developing for our patients and their relatives. It is understood a hospital’s physical environment can have a big effect on patient outcomes and recovery times. Factors such as lighting, use of colour or even smells can all have an impact on the well-being and mood of the individual. Having breakout rooms in wards encourages the patient to get out of their beds for exercise or social interaction. As a visitor to the hospital these breakouts areas can also provide a safe haven for discussions with family, staff or therapists. We know a hospital can be a daunting place and we intend to make some environmental changes to rooms to make them a more inviting, comfortable social space.

The equipment will help thousands of local people but also will cost thousands of pounds so we are asking our “Elves” to help towards our £25,000 target.

Take a look at the Elf Service, Elf Dash and Crackers’ Quiz pages to find out how you can help the Hospital.


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