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Join Poole Elf Service

elf-faces-v2-03JOIN POOLE ELF SERVICE elf-faces-v2-03

Poole Elf Service is back by popular demand! As an integral part of the community we’re on the ‘Nice List’, so Santa has granted us our Christmas list, but we need your help!

Our hospital elf, Crackers is helping us drum up support to raise a whopping £25,000 for this year’s Christmas List.  The list is compiled of 5 projects which are top priority and will benefit thousands of patients. For more about our Christmas list see here. It couldn’t be easier, simply spread the festive spirit and raise/donate money towards Poole Hospital’s Christmas List.

Here’s some ways to get involved:

  • Dorset Elf Day – 15th December 
Why not join the Elf Service and ‘elf up’ on Friday 15 December. From dressing up, baking elfy treats or hosting a festive coffee morning there’s no limit to the fun you can have. Whether it’s at school, work or even just at home get your elf on and support your local hospital.

  • Join one of our events
We are bringing back our popular Crackers’ Christmas Quiz and Elf Dash so get your tickets fast as they sold out last year. We are also hosting a Poole Hospital Christmas Carol Concert  so check out our Events section to get involved.
  • Organise your own event
It’s a social time of year so why not organise a Christmas party, dinner party or coffee morning? We have a FREE Christmas Party Pack 2017 (3) full of party goodies and ideas! For your pack register here.
  •  Donate 
However big or small we appreciate all contributions towards our target. You can donate in the office, by post, or on our Just giving page. You can even make a donation in someone’s name in lieu of their gift? We can provide the gift card so you can explain the huge difference your donation is making.
  •  Plan your own sponsored event 
If you can think of it you can do it! How about a Dry December or Sponsored Slim or something more physical? Whatever your challenge is, get sponsored to raise your target.
  • Finally….SPREAD THE WORD
The target is thousands but it help thousands of people in our community. Please spread the word to friends, family, colleagues and social media followers and drum up more support for Poole Hospital.

How to become an Elf:

  1. Register your details using the form below
  2. Download your Elf Help Manual 2017
  3. Fundraise!
  4. Return the form found inside the Elf Help Manual, along with a picture of yourself and payment.
  5. Find yourself on the nice list

Don’t forget to check out our Elf Dash and Quiz events and be sure to like our Facebook page to keep upto date with our Christmas progress!

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