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Poole Hospital Considers Dementia.

Poole Hospital considers Dementia.

Poole Hospital has been rated fourth best in the country by carers of patients with dementia for the care provided.
The National Audit of Dementia looks at a range of performance indicators, as well as surveys of patients and carers. The new report shows the hospital performing well in many areas, while improvement has been identified in others.
Nearly 90 per cent of carers questioned said that the care their loved one received was high quality. More than 80 per cent said that communication with them by staff was good, placing the hospital 11th in the country.
The hospital has introduced a number of initiatives to support care for patients with the condition, including:
   establishing a comprehensive awareness and training programme
  open to all clinical and non-clinical staff – around 1,000 staff have already received this training
   – delivering dementia training as part of routine staff induction sessions
   – introducing blue clips on a patient’s ID band which indicates that they have dementia to highlight this to other departments that may need to change their approach and communication with the patient
    adopting the principles of the nationally recognised John’s Campaign, we now have a dedicated carer’s advisor who is supporting carers throughout the hospital.
The audit also found areas that could be improved, including communication between staff. The team continues to work with the Charity on ways to improve scare for Dementia patients and their families.
If you would like to donate to the Consider Dementia Campaign please contact us.


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